Team Type 1 – SANOFI Returns to Rwanda

Welcome everyone! This is the official blog of Team Type 1 to document our trip to Rwanda this November 2011. Below is a press release with more information about the Tour of Rwanda and what we’ll be doing in the country including delivering supplies, training and a message of hope! Check back for more posts, photos and video soon.

Team Type 1-SANOFI Professional Men’s Cycling Team to Compete at 2011 Tour of Rwanda November 20-27 and Deliver Supplies, Training, and a Message of Hope

 Team will be joined by U.S. Embassy representative Jim Greene, world-renowned endocrinologist Dr. Steven Edelman and singer/songwriter J.R. Richards of Dishwalla

Team Type 1 Founder & CEO, Phil Southerland, in Rwanda 2010

Team Type 1-SANOFI returns to Rwanda for a second year to compete at the 2011 Tour of Rwanda and spread the message that people with diabetes can live normal and productive lives with access to the essentials of diabetes care. In a country where diabetes is a death sentence, Team Type 1 will deliver blood glucose meters and over 100,000 test strips to patients in need, and also conduct diabetes care training sessions with patients and healthcare professionals across the country.

Team Type 1 will be joined by U.S. Embassy representative Jim Greene and singer/songwriter J.R. Richards of the alternative rock band Dishwalla whose son has Type 1 diabetes.  Richards will play a concert at a special event to be held for the team at the Embassy and perform for fans at the finish of each stage of the Tour.  Diabetes education will be led by leading endocrinologist and founder of Taking Control of Your Diabetes (, Dr. Steven Edelman, who brings his expertise to the local caregivers about prevention, early detection and aggressive management of diabetes and its complications.

“We are thrilled to be back in Rwanda. The fact that our Type 1 athletes are competing at one of the world’s most grueling stage races shows the Rwandan patients, healthcare professionals and policy makers that anything is possible when patients have access to testing supplies, insulin and education,” said Team Type 1 Founder and CEO Phil Southerland. “The added participation of the U.S. Embassy, J.R. Richards and Dr. Steven Edelman will allow us to make an even bigger impact and spread a message of empowerment in a country where people with diabetes have had very little hope.”

Added Dr. Edelman: “Helping train the caregivers of Rwanda to take better care of their patients with diabetes now will have an immediate local positive impact, but will also serve as a role model for countries in the region and beyond.  It is all about education and motivation.”

The men’s professional cycling team, which includes athletes with Type 1 diabetes, will compete in the eight day tour while Team Type 1-SANOFI’s development team will participate as diabetes ambassadors, riding the route each day in advance of the official start and meeting healthcare providers and patients in each district.

The team’s Rwanda mission will be documented here through photos, videos and blogs throughout the duration of the race and will also be accessible to fans through the official website and Facebook page. For more information please visit:


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