African Ginger Tea Recipe!


African Ginger Tea

This morning at breakfast I inquired our hotel staff on where I could purchase Ginger Tea, it’s so good and I wanted to take some home with me. There’s no specific tea to buy rather it’s the technique they use and it’s sooo easy therefore I wanted to share!

1. Use any type to black tea for your base and add applicable amount of water for the number of tea bags you’re using to a pot or kettle. (note, they use tea bags but I’m sure you can use loose leaf tea if desired)
2. Using fresh ginger root grate it into your black tea and water mixture.
3. Boil the mixture for 30 min
4. When done you can strain the liquid if you want.
5. Pour yourself a cup, add milk and enjoy!

*and if you want to be really authentic you can replace the water with milk.

It’s delicious! I hope you enjoy this tea as much as I am!!



3 thoughts on “African Ginger Tea Recipe!

  1. Recently returned from Rwanda where I experienced African Tea for the first time. It was very good. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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