The Peloton vs. The Motley Crew

Hello from about 1000m from the Congo border line!! We are still alive and doing well in Africa. Today’s blog post will be short as internet is hard to come by and we are all exhausted from today’s ride – it was the Queen stage of the tour and the most gruesome ride I’ve ever done. It is amazing though how many people come out to watch and support the riders…you really feel like you’re racing in the Tour de France and our group isn’t even racing! The motivation the Rwandans provide really helps with the climbs.  They shout to us “courage” – with a long “o” and an accent on the “e.”  Yeah, we certainly needed courage to get up the mountains!
But the point of today’s blog is to give a little shout out to our safari follow car (it’s an old GIGANTIC land cruiser)….photos to come and when our riders haven’t called it a day, it’s filled with our driver Claude, Chris our amazing mechanic/saving grace, Dr. Edelman, JR Richards, and Min our photographer.  Well today a few of us decided to call it a day early…since really we have 4 more days to go in this stage race.  Go to the tour website and see for yourself:  One by one we pile into the car until only Phil, Brandon and Mandy are left and it’s literally POURING down rain. Our safari wagon as you can tell from the photo has a pop up roof and with all the bikes loaded in we could not get the roof closed completely.  In order to keep dry Min McGuiver’ed her umbrella to keep us all dry.  We took turns holding it up and the rain subsided but it definitely made for a few interesting moments!!
In other news and probably most importantly….TEAM TYPE 1 is KICKING ASS in the Tour of Rwanda!  Kiel has won the first 3 stages and Joey won today’s Queen stage in an amazing attack on a group of riders 3 minutes ahead of him….caught them at the end and pulled out in front to win the stage by almost a minute!  Check out for more coverage!
Happy almost Thanksgiving!

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